Listen to K Michelle’s New Single “Maybe I Should Call”

If these two gifs look familiar to you then your probably a fan of the extremely ratchet but hilarious show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. K Michelle was the reason why I watched the show from her getting into fights with basically every member of the cast to her IDGAF attitude which makes classic reality TV but can also  make it difficult to be taken serious in the industry.

With a successful debut album under her belt, a Rebellious Soul musical, her own show and a new album coming soon, K really wants the world to ignore her ratchet history and see her for the true artist she has been since day one. Even though L&HH ruined K Michelle’s image to some people, her voice is amazing and it makes her one of the best R&B artists currently putting out music. The first single called “Love Em All” from her new album “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” (Which reminds me of Drake’s tour name “Would You Like A Tour?”) was a slight change from the heartbroken, scorn songs that filled “Rebellious Soul” and I wish it was received better. The lyrics are playful toward her bad history with men and her voice goes so well with the Pop/R&B sound.

K Michelle’s next single “Maybe I Should Call” was released today and can be downloaded when pre-ordering #AWBAH. “Maybe I Should Call” is another solid track that showcases K Michelle’s pipes and it’s already topping the charts on iTunes. I’m excited to hear the rest of the album and watch K’s return to reality tv with the premiere of “K. Michelle: My Life.” tonight on VH1!

AWBAH Tracklisting

1. “Judge Me”
2. “Love ‘Em All”
3. “Going Under”
4. “Cry”
5. “How Do You Know?”
6. “Hard to Do”
7. “Maybe I Should Call”
8. “Something About the Night”
9. “Miss You, Goodbye”
10. “Build a Man Intro / Build a Man”
11. “Drake Would Love Me”
12. “God I Get It”

Via: Rap-Up

Are you guys taking K Michelle serious as an artist? Let me know in the comments!

Pre-Order #AWBAH on iTunes: HERE

P.S. If you want to have a laugh watch the full “shaking the table scene” HERE


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