Tinashe Gets Revenge With the Help of A$AP Rocky on “Pretend” Music Video


The wait for Aquarius has been killing me but with seven days left, I feel like we’re almost at the finish line. Tinashe just released a visual for her latest single “Pretend” and its… beautiful. I know, I know,obivious statement to make with it being Tinashe’s video but the directors use of nature in different takes and the way certain scenes are shot like the last scene (Scenery displayed on the car windows #Dope) really make this video feel like something that’s uniquely Tinashe’s and no one else. The cool vibe is felt throughout and having A$AP Rocky co-star in the video really adds to the story of the song. I’m digging the revenge concept of the video and I think this video alongside the release of the “Aquarius” snippets will hold me over until I can FINALLY hear Tinashe’s debut album.

What do you think of Tinashe’s video for “Pretend”? Let me know below! 

Pre-Order “Aquarius”: HERE

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