Niykee Heaton Releases Her Bad Intentions on Debut EP

I’ve been listening to Niykee Heaton’s debut EP “Bad Intention since she premiered it on Sunday, a couple days before it came out on the 23rd. After countless spins I’m feeling pretty confident in telling you guys if its worth a listen or not…

Heaton kicks the EP off with “Sober”, over a slow grinding R&B beat she tries to get over an addiction that has as many consequences as a night out with too many drinks.

Leave every bottle
As empty
As my promises
Just like the last time
I swore I’d
Get sober for this

Heaton’s song writing ability helps prevent this song from sounding cheesy or like all the other artists singing about similar subjects. Niykee is really trying to showcase who she is as an artist and is trying to create music that isn’t just generic songs you want to hear in the club. Songs like Sober, Bad Intentions, and Rolling Stone are where Heaton shines because she’s singing about issues true to her and it sounds authentic.

Be there when I’m alone, love me even though I’m a motherfuckin’ rolling stone

Rolling Stone definitely need to be the next single!

The more upbeat tracks like “Skin Tight” and “Villa” are alright. I don’t see myself re-playing “Villa” unless I’m listening to the EP in full but having variety helps prevent this EP from being a depressing journey through Heaton’s bad choices.

“Bad Intentions” is a great introduction to an artist that some listeners may not take too serious if you’re just judging her off of Instagram. I want to see how ADD52 pushes this EP and the public’s reaction to Niykee Heaton but I don’t see her having much trouble winning the critics over.

Standout Tracks: Bad Intentions, Rolling Stone, Sober

Check out the EP below and tell me what you think of Heaton’s debut effort!

Buy on ITunes: HERE

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