Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated single “i” yesterday and if you were a fan of Good Kid M.A.A.D City, you most likely didn’t like what you heard.


GKMC is Kendrick’s claim to fame but some people don’t realize that album wasn’t his debut. Section 80 came out a year before Good Kid and that album had a completely different vibe compared to what people love hearing from Kendrick. It makes sense why people didn’t put Kendrick on a cross with Section 80 because its not the type of album that gets/wants mainstream acclaim. I don’t want to sound like I’m discrediting how amazing GKMC is but it bugs me that people want to put K-Dot in that gangsta rap box when he’s a lot more than that.

“i” isn’t the type of single that does well on the charts without being associated with a big name. People will defintely check it out knowing its Kendrick but that doesn’t guarantee a top spot. With a sample from The Isley Brothers classic “That Lady”, Kendrick is using different flows to present a message that’s similar to his older music the difference is the production isn’t gritty or hard like G.K.M.C and that type of surprise doesn’t resonate well with some but I’m glad that Kendrick is switching it up.

I have no doubts that Kendrick is creating another classic not only because that’s the pressure building around him but he’s an ARTIST that knows who he is and the story he wants to tell. I’m digging “i” and I hope Kendrick continues to take chances on the next record.

Let me know what you think of k-Dot’s new single below and also check out a new freestyle released today!

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