Niykee Heaton has some “Bad Intentions”


Now that you have a taste of the artist Niykee Heaton, lets give her an official introduction!

Heaton gained a lot of buzz from the clip above of her covering Chief Keef’s hit “Love Sosa”. Maybe it was the shock of seeing someone far from the Keef demographic, or Heaton’s beautiful vocals over the acoustic track but over 2 million youtubers dug it. Numerous covers and tons of well liked Instagram pics later, Niykee Heaton is getting ready to release her debut ep “Bad Intentions”

After signing with Russel Simmons and Steve Rifkind’s new label ADD 52, Heaton released her first single “Bad Intentions” and a word its incredible. Over a relaxed guitar driven production, Niykee confesses she has some bad intentions when it comes to relationships and the lyrics prevent the track from being a generic break up / make up type song.

This is the face I wear treading the riptide
Abysmal oceans where good girls go to die
I wanna love somebody

Wanna feel their love on me

Heaton has some serious pen game and I can’t wait to hear what else she has to say on her ep ! Check out some tracks released to tide us over for the ep and a teaser for one of the upcoming tracks “Champagne”!


Make sure you grab a copy of “Bad Intentions” on September 23, 2014!

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