Meghan Trainor has a few more hits under her flower crown

There aren’t too many artists that make me want to jump on wordpress and write about them as soon I hear something but Meghan Trainor just got added to the list!

Trainor released her debut ep “Title” on Tuesday and it sounds so fucking refreshing I can already feel the gears of all the artists currently siting on the top 40 list switching up their sound as we speak. If you haven’t heard Trainor’s first single “All About That Bass” yet, you probably don’t listen to much radio but no worries I’m sure it’ll invade commercials, TV and every where else very soon.

Just like the positive message of “All About That Bass”, the rest of the ep maintains that sense of comfort of an artist knowing who they are and the type of music they want to make. Each track sounds like a mix of old and new school influences and even though Megan is new in the public’s eye, its very apparent that her time in the industry has helped her develop her “sound”. Title track “Title” has a 60s vibe and Trainor’s voice fits it perfectly. Add the catchy chorus, sassy lyrics and rap bridge and you’ve got a song that’ll make you want to do the “Carlton” “Close Your Eyes” and “Dear Future Husband” offer some variety and cement Meghan Trainor’s old school style.

I’m really digging Megan Trainor’s offering and I feel like she is one of the few artists that could easily be a role model without media training or some Disney pedigree (We see how well that works out).

*It’s all love Miley* haha

Check out the ep below and make sure you support this amazing new artist!

(P.S Title has to be the next single!)

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