Have you seen FKA twigs video for “Two Weeks” yet?

What’s up readers itsmarcelj and I’ve been on a little alternative kick for the last couple weeks. With the releases and album streams of artists like BROODS, Banks and Jhene Aiko I’ve had a lot to choose from but another artist came to my attention and she’s definitely in a different lane from most current artists.

FKA twigs is my new find and I feel a little late to the party since I’ve been reading about her interesting take on punk, experimental pop music (Don’t call it R&B) for a while but I finally came across a video of her song “Two Weeks” and it was a lot to take in at first…

The video starts off with a camera tilting down to Twigs sitting on a throne looking like an egyptian goddess unaware of her followers dancing for her in the background. The setting seems so simple but it makes sense when you hear the lush, laid back r&b music with the visual. FKA Twigs breathy vocals perfectly match the sensual tune and her captivating presence makes it difficult to see everything else going on around her (Did you see the group in white in the background watching the scene play out). I’m still wondering why TF she’s quenching the thirst of one of the dancers with her finger and the ending honestly surprised me but I won’t spoil everything for you.

I instantly see the comparisons to Aaliyah whether it be the “Queen of the Damned” look or the vocals that may not be the strongest but has the potential to draw you in when the production and lyrics are alongside the artist . FKA twigs may hate the R&B label but she’s helping push the boundaries of a very safe genre and I’m excited to hear what else she has to offer on her debut album “LP1”

Check out the video below and tell me what you think of FKA twigs and her trippy offering to the music world!

Buy “LP1” on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lp1/id911606990


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