Collide with Justine Skye & Tyga

I have the biggest appreciation for someone who knows what they want from life and works for that success. The internet isn’t just for talking to your friends and watching cat videos on YouTube, people are making serious money doing what they love whether that be entertaining or bringing their ideas to life through different platforms. Justine Skye started singing at an early age and as she’s grown, Skye  used social media to gain fans and bring her talent to the forefront. With YouTube videos that rack millions of views and thousands of followers on twitter and instagram; Justine Skye is ready to take up a spot in the music game.

Her newest single “Collide” featuring Tyga is an effortless, smooth R&B banger that’s begging to be played all day on the radio. With artists like Ariana Grande and Sam Smith dominating charts with their R&B influenced tunes I’m excited to see more new artists continue to bring back the R&B genre that seemed to be dying for some variety and change of pace.

Check out the single below and tell me if you think Justine Skye has what it takes to make it big!

Download “Collide” on iTunes:



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