If You Haven’t Heard Days Before Rodeo Yet…

If you haven’t heard “Days Before Rodeo” yet than you need to remove yourself from whatever boulder you’re currently residing under ASAP!

“Days Before Rodeo” is rapper  Travis Scott’s second mixtape and I had some hesitation on listening to it at first since I haven’t listened to his first mixtape “Owl Pharaoh” enough to have a firm opinion on it. That hesitation instantly went away after the first track started. If you didn’t know about Scott’s association with the label GOOD Music or that Kanye is his mentor it’s very evident in the intro “Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer”; from the dark tone of the song, the use of auto tune toward the end that reminds of what Kanye did in parts of “Black Skinhead” and a few tracks from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” it helps set the scene for the rest of the tape.

The production is slick and it has the type of beats you want to hear blasted from a good stereo system. Producers like WondaGurl and Metro Boomin’ help give “Days Before Rodeo” a sound that is being used in rap but with the inclusion of Scott helps make the sound unique. All of the collabs work well with the sound and I love that Scott chose to use a band (1975) on his track “Don’t Play”, not too many rappers collab with people beyond the rap/pop world but hopefully that changes and artists try to bush their creative boundaries.

Stream the mixtape below and tell me what you think of Travis Scott and his latest offering!

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