Ariana Grande Releases “Best Mistake” from #MyEverything

Grande is a few weeks away from releasing her sophomore effort “My Everything” and from her first single “Problem” becoming a smash hit to collaborating with Zedd on a catchy dance number, her new track “Best Mistake” confirms there will definitely not be slump with this album.

Ever since Grande released a snippet of “Best Mistake” to her instagram during the beginning of this era’s promo, I’ve been excited to hear her take another step away from her safe Nickelodeon image. After the first play of the song, I can tell that Grande knows the sound she’s going for and she’s really trying to establish her voice away from the numerous Mariah comparisons.

I love the piano at the start of the track and the lower tone of Grande’s voice that she doesn’t use often. The lyrics are deep and a lot more meaningful compared to her debut. Big Sean’s contribution to the song is nice and doesn’t hurt or really help the song. This song is a good preview of what I think will be a very personal, true to Ariana album and I’m ready for whatever else Grande has in store for us.

Check out the track below and make sure to pre-order your copy now!

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