“Only The Poets” Vol. 1 is…


Only The Poets starts with a speech excerpt on artists and their contribution to the world. Hearing the speaker say artists know the truth about “us” got my mind searching to find the answer on who “us” is and how do I find this truth when Marc E Bassy comes through with a verse that reminds me why I love music..

Enough Fortune 500, that’s some shit that could plummet
Wall street, that’s some shit that’ll flood soon
And I know they say that greed is a man, being a man
But, really that’s just the costume

That verse alone has enough thoughts in it to have hours of conversation about life at 2 a.m but the mixtape keeps that momentum going. “Only The Poets” is an amazing body of work by an artist that has already proved he knows how to make great music (Look up his band 2 AM Club if you’re not familiar!) but this mixtape goes deeper into the music I feel Bassy truly loves to listen to and obviously create.

The vibe of tracks like “Cigarettes” and “Lock It Up”  is what so many artists are trying to do because they know that’s what selling but Bassy pulls it off with ease and it sounds so natural, honestly every track sounds like a winner and if you’re looking for some songs to blast during those summer nights (as they come to a close) I highly recommend “Only The Poets” – R&B sound, Chill vibe, Addictive hooks and Bassy singing about things we think and obesses ober daily.

Stream the mixtape below and tell me what you think!


Highlights: Catch Myself, Lock It Up, American Dream life, Over The Water, Every other fucking song on this mixtape…

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