Two days before my birthday…

April 29, 1994 about 2, maybe 2:30 a.m Larry Marcel Jeremiah was conceived and brought into this world. It’s insane thinking that in two days I’ll be twenty years old. TWENTY! Two years ago I was still in high school, five years ago Grand Valley wasn’t even on my radar and I was in Kalamazoo living… Not thinking about what college I wanted to go to or what I wanted to do if I went to college and graduated. Now all I can think about is the future and how I want time to slow down as fast as possible so I can do something memorable in these next years. I hear that your 20s can be the best and worst years of your life but honestly I’m thinking every year is like that. I hope that as I age I keep that youthful mindset that anything is possible because I know that you lose that as you get older because bills start to pile up and soon your life isn’t just about you, it’s about your kids, family, responsibility.

By the time I’m 30 I want to proudly say that I graduated college. I found a career outside of school that I truly LOVE even if I have to wake up before 7 every morning because of it. I hope I can say I traveled the world and saw life beyond Michigan… The website I created a couple years out of college dedicated to music is a success and my life revolves around falling in love with music and sharing it to the world. Most importantly I hope to say that after all those years I’ve found what makes me happy and makes me want to be completely in the present living and not always thinking about my glory days…

Happy Birthday Marcel, another year towards being an adult, don’t fuck it up

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