Why Rap Isn’t Dead: Sharaya J

What’s up world! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a legit post (not including some good playlists) but tonight I’ve been moved by this new artist I’ve just heard about. Before I give a little background on Sharaya J, I just want to say something about rap music or any music in general that is current.

I’m so sick of people saying that good music is dead when all they do is listen to the radio. While it’s true that music goes through this cycle where someone drops a hot song that sounds like nothing on the radio. After that every artists follows what the first artist did and then we you listen to the radio everything sounds the same with maybe a few new lyrics. Then someone switches up to another genre and the cycle starts all over again. People follow trends because they’re easy to mimic and usually guaranteed money but for every artist that’s coming up with “generic” stuff, there’s a real artist with something to say.

Now you can say whatever want about the music of my generation being garbage because I know the old folks of past generations said the same thing when popular music of their day was out. Just because a song has catchy lyrics and a dope beat doesn’t make it “bad music” just like having a solid voice and using real instruments doesn’t make a song “good music”. My definition of “good music” is music that makes me feel something every time I hear it. It can be something that makes me think about the world around me or some random song about nothing. People need to start looking past the billboard charts and check out artists that are in love with their craft before they try to comment on what is and what isn’t good music. Now this post wasn’t supposed to be a rant haha so let’s get back to why I created this post in the first place to introduce you guys to Sharaya J.

Finding Sharaya was a matter of being on youtube, checking out one artist and then going through the videos on the side of the site. I can’t remember who I started with but I got to Sharaya from checking out Missy Elliot’s collabo with GD (I’ll post a link if you haven’t heard it because it’s NUTS). Sharaya J is one of Missy Elliott’s artists that she’s mentoring and when you check out her two videos you’ll hopefully go crazy like I did.

Sharaya J’s old school authentic flow, mixed with two creative music videos full of dope choreography and this fresh attitude gives a breath of fresh air from these boring videos out right now. I’ll stop typing and let the work speak for itself by post the music videos below Enjoy!

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