Amazing “Sweater Weather” Cover

“I love to experience a great performance–so much so that I want to create my own productions. I love to play with all those elements that go into making something wonderful for me–great music and great visuals. I love to collaborate with my team of musicians and artists to make it all come together as if it were the most natural and easy thing to do in the world. I go for the magic.” – Kurt Hugo Schneider

I’ve been a huge fan of Kurt Hugo Schneider’s YouTube page for a while so I wanted to tell you guys a little about his channel and why you should be subscribing to his videos if you aren’t already. Kurt is a ridiculously talented composer, music producer and director. With the help of his brother (Max Schneider) and many talented artists including:  Sam Tsui, Victoria Justice, and Alex Goot to name a few, Kurt creates these creative videos and covers for popular songs that you most likely already love thanks to the radio. While I’ve seen a lot of amazing videos on his channel I’m stumbled across a cover of “Sweater Weather” by Max Schneider and Alyson Stoner and to sum it up in one word: AMAZING! Their voices sound amazing together, the arrangement is perfect and it’s always great seeing artists do what they’re great at. I’ll stop gushing and let the music speak for itself!

Check out the video and link to the site after the break:

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