Playlist of the week

This is the first installment of my weekly playlists. Right now the plan is to put up playlists every week of ten songs that have been on heavy rotation in my music library. Since I’m pretty busy with classes and I’m still new at blogging there may be some weeks where I don’t post playlists but I’ll try to be as consistent as possible!

Highlights of this week’s playlist:

*Red Eye – Kid Cudi (Featuring Haim)

*Motel Pool – Travis Garland

When Kid Cudi released his third studio album “Indicud” on  April 16, 2013 I was one of the people insanely excited to hear the album after seeing Kid Cudi’s constant praises on twitter. Indicud didn’t become an instant favorite like I thought it would and it’s still growing me.  A couple weeks ago I heard Red Eye and fell in love. The vibe of the song, Haim’s contributions and Cudi’s signature singing makes Red Eye a song that all Kid Cudi fans should check out if they haven’t already.


I’ve also been late to the Travis Garland party but after hearing his debut album “Travis Garland” and his B-sides I’m defintely a fan. The track Motel Pool is a good introduction to Travis Garland and I have a feeling that more people will know his name very soon.

*I’m looking for the best way to post playlists so you can hear them online so bare with me while I figure that out. The link posted above should take you to this week’s list!*

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