Get to know Marcel J.

What’s up everybody itsmarcelj and I’ve just started my first legit blog so bare with me as I work to make this the best site possible. I thought that letting you guys know a little about myself would be a great introduction to my blog so here goes:

I’m currently a sophomore at Grand Valley State, double majoring in Advertising/PR and Broadcasting. Last year I started a radio show called WAVVES on the Whale with my friend Jordan on GVSU’s radio station The Whale. In the process of doing the show I found something that I love doing and I’m now working towards making this hobby a career. Music has always been an important element in my life whether it be listening to my mom’s huge music collection on cassette when I was 10 or hearing oldschool r&b in the car during rides with my dad. As I grew up, my music tastes expanded to multiple genres and today I love hearing a little bit of everything from R&B and Rap to Pop and Alternative. Being a music lover I think that it’s important to be open about different genres and never put your yourself into a box. I may not have the singing voice to make it big in the music industry but I want to help introduce artists that mainstream America wouldn’t know about until there being played twenty times a day on top-40 radio.

This blog is dedicated to getting the word out on amazing artists, indie and signed to the web and hopefully get some new music on your iPods. So I hope you enjoy what I have to say and join me on this crazy journey called life. (Sorry for that cheesy fucking ending haha)

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