BANGERZ Album Review [Re-Post]

Before creating this blog I  tryed out a blog on blogger and I was very happy with this review considering it was the first review I ever wrote. Writing album reviews especially reviews as detailed as this one takes some time  so I thought it would be cool to re-post this review on my new site so you guys can check out some of my work. Enjoy! 

After all of the hype built around this long awaited album last week  BANGERZ released. Did it live up to all the anticipation?

Track by Track Review:


Adore You [9/10] – Starting BANGERZ off with a slow track definitely surprised listeners who weren’t already obsessed with the album snippets. When I first heard the snippet of Adore You I knew it would be one of my favorite tracks off the album. Produced by Yoel and written by Stacy Barthe, Adore You has a very calm vibe to it. Hearing Miley’s voice with no autotune and a simple beat is perfect for me and this is one of the many tracks that showcases Miley’s pipes.


We Can’t Stop [9/10] – Song of the summer We Can’t Stop is the next track on BANGERZ. I remember being so geeked to hear this track after all the hype around Miley’s comeback and it doesn’t disappoint. I’d consider this an ear worm because it’s one of those songs you can’t hear just one (Mostly because of the amount of times it’s played on the radio) and it’s a catchy, addictive song you can’t help but sing along to. Mike-Will-Made-It produced We Can’t Stop and I love hearing his versatility in the songs he makes. Even though We Can’t stop has been out for a couple month and it still hasn’t got old and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing people blast this in their cars (Especially funny when dudes do this).


SMS (Bangerz) (Feat. Britney Spears) [7/10] – SMS has the ingredients to be a big record but falls short when actually listening to it. Having Britney Spears as feature isn’t something many artists can say they accomplished but Britney doesn’t add anything to this track. The beat (which sounds like it samples Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It”) sounds dated and Miley could’ve done better.


4×4 (Feat. Nelly) [8/10] – Miley’s blending her two favorite genres on 4×4 and it works. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like this track and its something only Miley could pull off. Nelly’s verse on the track doesn’t add or take away from the song but I guess it’s another hip hop element to the record. Produced by Pharrell 4×4 is the first track on BANGERZ that seems built for Miley and I wouldn’t mind hearing more like it in the future.


My Darlin’ (Feat. Future) [7/10] – When I first heard album snippets of BANGERZ, My Darlin was one of the songs that I didn’t want to make an opinion on until I heard the whole thing. Miley and Future’s voices blend well together and the song is good. The only problem I’d have with it is Future has already done duet-type songs like this recently with Ciara and Rihanna so My Darlin’ wouldn’t be my favorite out of the three.


Wrecking Ball [9/10] – Wrecking Ball was definitely needed to remind everyone that Miley is a singer first and twerking and all that other shit is just for fun (or publicity?).  Wrecking Ball is a beautiful ballad about loving someone but not being able to break their walls and see them for who they really are.  Miley’s great voice is once showcased and helps make Wrecking Ball one of the stand out tracks on the album.


Love Money Party (Feat. Big Sean) [6/10] – Not a big fan of this track. I like Big Sean’s verse on the track and the verses aren’t bad but I feel like the song will have to grow on me before I’d consider it single material.



#GETITRIGHT [9/10] – I love everything about this song. The beat, the lyrics, the playful tone of the song and Miley’s verse.  The production reminds me of some of the big songs that have been on the radio over the past couple months (Ex: Blurred Lines) most likely because Pharrell produced it but I don’t see that as a bad thing. I would love to see this track as a single and hear Pharrell collab with Miley more in the future.


Drive [9/10] – If I was a part of Miley’s team Drive would be the third single off BANGERZ. Produced by Mike-Will-Made-It, Drive is a game changing record that will have tons of pop artists going to Mike Will for their next pop smash. The beat is on another level and doesn’t sound like anything on the radio which is always a bonus. The lyrics are deep but catchy enough to make you want to hear it over and over. Miley’s got another smash on her hands with this record.


FU (Feat. French Montana) [5/10] – FU is probably my least favorite track on the album. I like the theatrically element of the song and Miley’s voice sounds amazing on it but FU isn’t the type of song that I would put on a playlist or hear away from BANGERZ. French Montana’s verse sounded good and I didn’t know what to expect when I heard he was going to be featured on the album. Overall okay song…still waiting on that Ain’t Worried about Nothing Remix though.


Do My Thang [6/10] – Do My Thang reminds me of Love Money Party because they both seem like fillers on the album even though I like Do My Thang a little more. Miley’s rapping on this track is a lot better but this isn’t something I would listen to more than a couple times.



Maybe You’re Right [7/10] – As we get closer to the end of the album, the songs start to slow back down. Maybe You’re Right is a mid-tempo song that has Miley acknowledging she can’t be with someone who doesn’t like her for who she is. The song is solid, lyrics are great but not a song that blows me away.


Someone Else [8/10] – Someone Else is the last track off the standard album and it’s a solid closing to a solid album.  Miley ends the album on a strong note singing a song that showcases her voice and the end of the song makes me want to replay it so I can feel the emotion she’s put into the song.

Bonus Tracks: Rooting For My Baby is the best off BANGERZ! I don’t think it made the standard album because of how different it sounds compared to the rest of the songs but that doesn’t take away from how amazing it is. Produced by Pharrell, Rooting For My Baby is 100% country and Miley’s voice sounds so mature and filled with emotion. This song reminds me of the backyard sessions where Miley covered some of her favorite country tracks and I would love to hear some more country tracks from Miley. The next bonus track On My Own had to grow on me. It gives off a Michael Jackson vibe the way Miley sings and in the music itself. Overall good song but I understand why it’s a bonus track. Hands In The Air is a great close to BANGERZ. Featuring Ludacris, Hands In The Air has that stadium concert feeling and I think it’ll be a favorite when it’s time for tours.


BANGERZ is a great re-introduction to Miley Cyrus. Cyrus created the album she wanted to make and now that she’s free to make what she wants it’ll be interested where she will take her music in the future. As Miley comes into her own as an artist I hope she lets her music speak for itself and not use so many outlandish publicity stunts to sell records because her voice could easily do that job.

DOWNLOAD: Adore You, 4×4, Drive, #GETITRIGHT, Rooting For My Baby, We Can’t Stop, Wrecking Ball

SKIP: Love Money Party, FU, SMS

SCORE 8/10

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